Eyeris One

Eyeris One

EyeRIS One

Bring Touch on any Display It is a clip-on device when connected to a computer can turn any TV/ Display into touch sensitive digital whiteboard.

Key features

 Eyeris One

Eyeris One can enhance the capability of the PC in the classroom by making it completely interactive on any display/ TV. Any application on your PC like MS Office files or software like photoshop becomes touch enabled through EyeRIS One. It is bundled with IntelliSpace, Interactive Whiteboard software with a gamut of tools and features for enhancing the delivery of lesson in the classroom.


Movement Detection Technology 3-D Optical Tracking
Tracking Active Area (max projection size) Up-to 75” for 16:9 aspect ratio (wide Screen) 
T/R Range 0.16/0.2/0.4/0.6
Tracking Speed 60-70 FPS.
Ambient Light Resistance Technology 850 +/- 20 & 650 +/-20 dual band tracking technology (Visible and IR bands)
Simultaneous Mouse Input Support 255 (System configuration dependent)
Calibration Technology Automatic as well as Manual Calibration
Data Refresh Rate 195 Million dots/sec, USB Bandwidth around 200 MBPS