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EyeRis IX

EyeRis IX

Make your surface naturally interactive with EyeRIS, award-wining Interactive Whiteboard Technology used by the giants in Computing Industry. EyeRIS IX is the world’s most advanced surface-independent touch interactive projection system.

Product Features

  • Interactivity, On Demand.

  • Automatic Calibration

  • As Fast as it gets

  • Pixel Perfect

  • Lag-free writing!

  • High-speed tracking with a wide vision.

  • Built for the Future

  • Multitouch gestures for seamless interaction

  • Rotate

  • Scale

  • Super-capacitive Stylus

  • Blazing fast charging time.

  • Light weight at under 30gms

  • Feather touch

  • Bundled with IntelliSpace Software